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High school teenager goes to prison to meet guy she met online after he ghosted her

A high school girl went above and beyond to meet her date whom she met online after being ghosted by him.

Julia Kassel shared her story on TikTok where she stated that she joined a school trip to the prison to visit her date after finding out that he has been jailed.

In the TikTok video Julia says, “Tell me about a time you went above and beyond, and I mean above and beyond, to get someone’s attention – I’ll go first.”

Kassel revealed that she met a man online when she was in high school and had been talking to him for nearly three months.

She said, “One day I hear nothing, like completely ghosted. And I’m was like, no baby, this isn’t about to happen,” and hence she messaged all his friends. She continued that his friends even said the same.

Julia later discovered that he was in jail and decided to join her school’s law society, which was going on a trip to the local county jail, in the hope to meet him.

The TikTok clip has over a billion views and received a flurry of questions prompting her to post a follow-up clip.

In the follow-up video, Julia shared how she got inside the jail along with others and they were separated into two groups -one group was supposed to visit the women’s section in the prison while the other to the men’s section.

She then requested her teacher to let her go to the men’s section, but was denied permission since women students were only allowed to visit the women’s wing.

Julia did all of that to meet her date, however, she couldn’t get to see him. She concluded the clip by saying, “Never chase a man – especially one who is in jail because you know he’s no good for you, especially when you’re in high school.”