Hemant Karkare’s former colleague to contest against terror accused Pragya Singh Thakur from Bhopal

A former colleague of Hemant Karkare, the police officer who investigated the 2008 Malegaon blasts, has decided to contest the national elections against terror accused Pragya Singh Thakur from Bhopal, saying he was “hurt” by her comments on his former boss.

Riyazuddin Ghayasuddin Deshmukh, 60, has filed his nomination as an independent candidate.

Mr. Deshmukh retired as Assistant Commissioner of Police in 2016 said, “Seconds after she called Karkare sahab anti-national, I decided to contest the election against her.”

As Maharashtra’s anti-terror squad, Hemant Karkare investigated Pragya Thakur’s connections with the blasts in Malegaon two months before he died fighting terrorists during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

Pragya Thakur who is an accused in the case boasted at an election rally that Hemant Karkare died because she had “cursed” him. She said, “I had told him you will be finished, and he was killed by terrorists in less than two months.” Her comments received applause, cheer from the BJP leaders on the dias and as well as the crowds.

The terror accused remarks received a major backlash, hence she was forced to took her words back. While withdrawing her comments she claimed that her comments against Karkare helped her enemies. Pragya Thakur who is an accused in the case  was given a clean chit by the National Investigation Agency in 2015, but the trial court refused to let her off.

The NIA had said there was no evidence against her, but the court had said it was difficult to accept since her motorcycle was used in the blast.

Mr. Deshmukh who was contesting against Pragya in Bhopal hails from Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Speaking with local media she said, “I had worked as a sub-inspector under Karkare when he was the Superintendent of Police in Akola. He was my boss. He was brave, co-operative, encouraging and a gem of a person. He liked me very much and I respected him immensely. I am not going to withdraw [nominations] it at any cost.”

Bhopal will vote on the 12th of May, Pragya Thakur’s major opposition is the Congress veteran Digvijaya Singh.

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