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Helicopter pilot flies 80 miles to pick up his favourite beef sandwich ‘breaching’ UK lockdown rules

The lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has forced people to resort to bizarre things to satisfy their fast food cravings.

In one such incident a helicopter pilot made a 120km (80-mile) round trip amid lockdown restrictions in the United Kingdom to pick up a beef sandwich from his favourite farm shop.

A recent video posted online showed the unnamed pilot landing for his ‘roast beef in gravy barm with caramelised onion’ at Chipping Farm Shop near Preston.

The pilots food journey was tracked by a flight radar website which showed the helicopter flew to the shop from the City Airport in Salford to the farm shop located in Preston.

A video of the incident was shared online by the fast food chain on Instagram. The brief video clip shows the helicopter landing nearby and a member of staff delivering the sandwich to the pilot.

The Chipping Farm Shop captioned their post about what happens “when your customers are literally flying in for your roast beef in caramelised onion gravy barms.”

The episode has not gone down well with authorities. The Ribble Valley council have initiated an investigation in a possible Covid rule breach and for Greater Manchester Police to look into it.