Heavy rains collapse two buildings in Mumbai, 8 dead

Heavy rains in India’s financial capital, Mumbai collapsed two multi-storey building, killing eight people and injuring several others.

A dilapidated six-storey structure in the city’s Fort area was home to at least five families who stayed on after residents were advised to evacuate as it was under repairs.

Several people had been trapped under the debris city fire chief P.S. Rahangdale said. The fire chief did not rule out a secondary collapse.

Four bodies were pulled out of the debris overnight.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray visited the Fort area collapse to oversee the rescue operations.

Another building collapsed in the western suburb of Malad, killing two, including a child, and injuring several. This was a three-storey tenement.

Mumbai has been witnessing heavy rain since Tuesday night, resulting in flooding in several areas.

Monsoon rains every year brings the city to its knees. It becomes dangerous for people living in dilapidated structures.