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Headless Chicken Monster

Australian researchers along the Australian- Antarctic coast have spotted the ‘Headless Chicken Monster’ again. This organism was first spotted in the Gulf of Mexico in 2017.

This is the first time that researchers have dropped cameras into the ocean to watch,monitor and learn about our oceans floor beds. Cameras lined up with long,reliable toothfish cables dropped from a boat into the South Indian Ocean. The camera records footage and sends it back to the observatory desk. The cucumber shaped monster was seen crawling the sea beds around Heard islands.

Every year researchers discover multiple coral reefs, new marnie life forms. This project helps them to identify spots in the ocean where humans could venture could turn out to be disastrous. They have identified East Antarctica which is rich in corals and a natural habitat for penguins needs protection, however objection from China and Russia is causing a delay in creating this a protection area.