HD Kumaraswamy says “Ready To Step Down”

Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy threatened to step down after Congress lawmakers publicly claim that Siddaramaiah is their chief minister.

Mr. Kumaraswamy told media persons, “If they want to continue with the same thing, I am ready to step down. They are crossing the line. Congress leaders have to watch out for all these issues. Congress leaders must think about all these things and control them… They are crossing the alliance’s line. This is not going to affect me but Congress leaders only.”

The deputy Chief Minister G Parameswara made it even worse for HDK, Parameswara said “Siddaramaiah has been the best Chief Minister. He is our Congress Legislature Party leader. For the MLAs, he is the chief minister. He has expressed his opinion. What is wrong in that?”

The latest public outburst between the Congress-JDS alliance comes after horse trading charges against the opposition BJP and scuffle among MLA’s at a resort last week.

(The Pigeon Express Opinion–  It’s just 6-7 months since the coalition government took over in Karnataka. If both these parties, the JDS and the Congress are unable to work things together, for the betterment of Karnataka they need quit. For the sake of power these parties cannot extort or hold the state to a ransom.)