Haunted Disney doll returns home after being disposed twice, family left petrified

A woman from Houston was left freaked out by a doll, a replica of the character Elsa from Disney’s Frozen that her daughter Aurelia had received on Christmas. The doll would recite phrases and sing the Frozen theme song ‘Let it Go’ when a button on her necklace was pressed.

The woman, identified as Emily Madonia, shared her ordeal via a Facebook post which has been deleted since.

According to a report in The Daily Mirror, the mother believes that Aurelia’s Frozen merchandise is a ‘haunted’ one.

In the post, she explained that the doll scared them first when even on switched off mode; it started talking and singing in Spanish. But things grew more sinister when they decided to throw the doll away. Freaking out the family, the doll is said to have returned home after being thrown away twice!

“We were weirded out and tightly wrapped it in double garbage bags filled with other waste and put it in the bottom of our trash can underneath other bags of garbage and it was collected on garbage day,” she continued.

The family, which then left the city for a holiday, had forgotten about the doll but that was not to be.

“Today Aurelia says, ‘Mom I saw the Elsa doll again in the backyard,” she wrote.

Seeking “help us get rid of this haunted doll” Emily then decided to send it far away to her friend Chris Hohan, who lives 1500 miles away.

Emily said that to prevent the toy from going anywhere, Chris has fastened it to the bonnet of his car.

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