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Hana Kimura: Man fined $80 for abusing Japanese reality star who later took her life

A man was fined USD $80 over online abuse directed at a Japanese reality star who took her own life last year.

The unnamed man posted messages on Hana Kimura’s social media account about her “awful personality”, and asking “when will you die?”

Kamura, 22, was the target of hundreds of abusive tweets from fans and critics on a daily basis.

The reality show, Terrace House, was cancelled after her death in May.

Terrace House, co-produced by Japan’s FujiTV and distributed by Netflix, was popular among global audiences before its cancellation.

Reports say the social media abuse of her worsened after a particular episode – only screened in Japan – which saw her getting into an altercation with a roommate.

Before her death, she reportedly posted images of self harm on Twitter along with messages that suggested she was distressed.

The unscripted reality show follows six young people who live together in one house in Japan but generally go about their daily lives.

It had in recent years gained a huge following for its authentic interactions between cast members and its relative lack of drama.

In the wake of Kimura’s death, Japan’s communications ministry began looking into measures to make it easier for targets of online slander to obtain information on their attackers

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