Haiti Political Crisis: Two men claim to be Haiti’s prime minister after president’s assassination

The assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moïse earlier this week has created confusion over who should lead Haiti, at least until elections are held.

The rules in the constitution have been muddied by the fact there is currently no National Assembly, disputes meant elections in October 2019 did not happen so it cannot choose another president.

Amendments to the constitution, which are not accepted by everyone, suggest the prime minister should now lead, but Claude Joseph legitimacy is disputed.

Another politician, Ariel Henry, had been nominated as the new PM shortly before the assassination, but had yet to be sworn in.

The UN says Mr Joseph should remain in charge until elections are held later this year.

He has said he will not stand for the presidency. “I’m not here to stay too long. We need to hold elections. I do not have a personal agenda,” he told earlier.

The first round of presidential elections is expected to take place in September 2021.

Haiti has long been plagued by political and economic instability, and more recently by increased gang warfare.

There had been widespread protests demanding the resignation of assassinated president Mr Moïse, who had been ruling by decree since the delayed elections.