Ground caves in during attempt to rescue child from pit in Pune

Two people are trapped inside a pit that caved in during a rescue operation to save a child who had fallen inside the hole in Pune, Maharashtra.

Two firefighters who were trying to rescue the child fell along with two civilians in the ground caved in. Three people were rescued.

The incident happened in Pune’s Dapodi area.

The area was dug up to lay drain pipes. The rescuers lit up floodlights and brought in heavy machines for the rescue operation.

The firefighters battling the rescue work would be backed up by the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel.

“The 15-foot deep trench was dug to lay a sewer line in Dapodi. The child fell in and three firefighters were rushed there after we were alerted. However, during the operation, the soil around caved in, trapping all four. Two firemen have been rescued. Efforts are on to get the other two out as well,” an official said to the Press Trust of India.