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Groom nearly ends up marrying stranger after reaching wrong wedding venue

A groom in Indonesia ended up at the wrong venue for his wedding. The glitch almost led to the man marrying a stranger after Google Maps led him to the wrong location.

According to media reports, the goof-up happened as there were two ceremonies- a wedding and an engagement- happening in the same village on April 4.

The bride’s family welcomed the guests, offered refreshments from the journey and proceeded to exchange gifts. However, soon a member from the man’s family realised their mistake after a conversation between family members and luckily, a huge blunder was averted.

The man’s family apologised for the mix-up, stating that they were led to the venue by Google Maps before making their exit.

The man’s wedding party was headed to his wedding venue located in Losari Hamlet of Pakis District in central Java, but the navigation app brought them to Jengkol Hamlet, located not far from Losari Hamlet.

An awkward video of the amusing incident has been doing rounds online showing the man’s family leaving carrying multiple gifts.

The 27-year-old bride, Ulfa, told the media that her fiancé was from Ringinum Village, while the other man was from Pemalang, and her family later helped their group to reach the right location.

Ulfa was shocked to see unknown faces at her wedding as she didn’t know any of them.