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Groom calls off wedding after bride’s family fail to serve mutton curry for lunch, marries another woman

In a bizarre incident, a groom in India called off his wedding after the bride’s family failed to serve mutton in the feast and later married another woman of the area before returning home.

According to local media, 27-year-old Ramakant Patra from Odisha’s Sukinda district reached the wedding venue in full song and dance.

The bride’s family then welcomed him and following the necessary rituals, they were taken to the dining hall.

However, before lunch, members from the groom’s family demanded to be served mutton curry. Since there was no preparation made for mutton curry, an argument began between the families and things started turning ugly.

The groom then called off the marriage when he learned that mutton curry was not served for lunch. Despite the bride’s family pleading to him to change his mind, Patra refused to carry on with the marriage ceremony and left the venue with all his relatives.

While returning home Patra and his family made a pit stop at a neighbouring village, where he got married to another woman the same night.

No police complaint has been lodged yet regarding the matter.