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Grandkids On Demand

This company provides grandkids on demand. ‘Papa Pal’ a Florida based company operational only in Florida, USA at present helps seniors with their daily works as well as providing them companionship. The company connects teens with these seniors. This brings about two different generations learning from each other.

Their services include help with cleaning the fridge, the kitchen and throwing out garage. Cooking meals, laundry & even ironing. Pals will help you organize a room, the kitchen or a closet.

How can one book a service? Use their app ‘Papa Pal’ , website or call. Papa Pal charges $20 for an hour and then per minute bases. With a membership of $30 you have options to choose your Pal and interview them before the service.

The company claims “Papa Pals are mainly college students with a passion to help others. They’re carefully vetted, background checked and go through a rigorous on-boarding process”.

Below are the services listed on their webpage :-
> Airport Transportation.
>Senior Transportation.
>Doctor Appointments.
>House Needs.
>Grocery Shopping.
>Pet Help.
>Caregiving for Seniors.