Govt of India has no data on farmer suicides

The Government of India has no data of farmer suicides for the last three years . The revelation comes after the agrarian crisis hit our country, the farmers all round the nation have been protesting on a farm loan waiver and maximum costs for their produce.

The Minister of Agriculture Radhamohan Singh has told the parliament that the centre does not have data of farmer suicides since 2016.  The minister was responding to a question raised by a MP of the Trinamool Congress, Dinesh Trivedi.

The TMC MP asked details about the number of farmers who had committed suicide since 2016 and whether the government planned to rehabilitate their families. The union minister for agriculture Singh said the National Crime Records Bureau is still to publish the data after 2015.

The Indian farmers in the last six months have protested several times in the national capital, many of the farmers demands have still not been fulfilled. Every time at the farmers march in New Delhi, protesting farmers were canned by the police, water cannoned and tear gassed.

70% of the Indian population rely on agriculture, this ignorance in accumulation of data clearly portrays the seriousness of the Government towards its majority population.