Google Maps: Man pictured pooping in the grassy lands of Netherlands

A Google Map user accidentally pictured a man answering nature’s call in the open in the Netherlands. The defecating man was photographed when an eagle-eyed person was perusing Google Maps near to the Dutch city of Roosendaal.

The image was shared on Reddit with title: “I found someone pooping in the grass.”

The photo shows the man having his trousers pulled down to go about his business on the grassy land!

Earlier in 2018 in a similar incident being recorded on Google Maps, a Peruvian man, who was researching the best way to reach a popular bridge on Google Maps, was in for a shock when he saw a familiar figure in one of the Street View photographs.

The photograph showed a woman in a white top, jeans and heels, sitting on a bench and stroking the hair of a man in her lap.

As the man zoomed in further, he realised that the woman was none other than his wife. The angry husband soon confronted the woman, who admitted to having an affair. The unnamed couple soon divorced.

The Google Street View vehicles, including cars, bikes and snowmobiles, has captured locations all over the world with 360-degree cameras. This has also resulted in some hilarious moments being captured on camera, including an armed robbery in South Africa and half-a-dozen people in pigeon masks in Japan.