Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says Privacy Can’t Be A “Luxury Good”

Google CEO Sundar Pichai co-wrote a piece for The New York Times defending his company’s approach over privacy and user data. “Privacy must be equally available to everyone in the world, Google’s approach is to make privacy more democratic,” Pichai wrote.

He added that privacy cannot be a “luxury good” that’s only available to people who can afford to buy premium products and services defending.

Google has been facing questions about the collection of its users location data.

At the annual I/O developer conference earlier this week, Google announced a slew of additional privacy and security tools for its users across products and platforms. Pichai called on the US to introduce a new legislation for protecting users data.

“Privacy is personal, which makes it even more vital for companies to give people clear, individual choices around how their data is used .. Legislation will help us work toward ensuring that privacy protections are available to more people around the world,” Pichai added.

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