Golden retriever walks over 100km all by himself to reunite with his owner

A one-year-old golden retriever had walked alone over 100km for 14 days to return back to its home and surprise its owner.

The owners had put their pet at a friend’s house briefly as they had renovation work going on at their home.

The incident took place in eastern China’s Qidong city when the humans of the dog named Ping An or ‘safe and sound’ drove 62 miles to Nantong to drop him off at his temporary keepers’.

After the separation in June, the family was grief-stricken to find out four months later that Ping An had run away from their friend’s house and gone missing.

What they did not know was that Ping An had embarked on a solitary trip back home to unite with his family. He walked back for around 14 days till he reached the Qidong city. Here, a group of workers outside an office spotted the malnourished and wounded canine and took care of him. The rescuers saw that the dog had injuries on her paws with bleeding toes and looked depressed upon not being able to find her family.

To solve the dog’s worries, the workers shared a picture and description of the canine on a Chinese messaging app called WeChat. The post got shared widely so much so that the owners found out about Ping An within a day.

Soon their reunion took place and the owners came to pick him up from the company’s site.

The dog is being taken to the vet regularly where he is getting the due treatment.