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GOLD washes the shore following severe cyclonic storm Nivar

Cyclone Nivar brought in a ‘gold rush’ with it in Andhra Pradesh’s Udappa village while making landfall in India last week.

Locals rushed to the beach in East Godavari to collect gold what was believed to have washed ashore in the area after the high tide due to the cyclonic storm.

Fishermen in the area found glittering gold filings along with small beads of the precious metal on the beach. As the news of the gold spread, hundreds of people rushed to Uppada braving the cyclonic rain to test their luck.

Dozens of people found gold worth at least INR₹ 175,000, an Indian daily reported.

Following the ‘gold rush’ village elders suggested that the gold was from an ancient temple that got submerged under the sea over time, eroding it over time and the ruins of those washed up on shore during high tide on the day of the storm.

The category five ‘very severe cyclonic storm’ killed at least five people, snapped electric cables and flooded several low lying houses in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.