Global death toll from Covid-19 surpass grim 2 million mark

The global death toll from Covid-19 surpassed the two million mark on Friday, , according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. The grim milestone came even as the vaccines are being rolled out around the world to stop the pandemic.

While the count is based on figures supplied by government agencies around the world, the real toll is believed to be significantly higher because of poor testing and many inaccurately recorded deaths, especially during the first months of the outbreak.

It took eight months to reach 1 million dead and less than four months after that to reach the next million.

“Behind this terrible number are names and faces — the smile that will now only be a memory, the seat forever empty at the dinner table, the room that echoes with the silence of a loved one,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. He said the toll “has been made worse by the absence of a global coordinated effort.

“Science has succeeded, but solidarity has failed,” he added.

The death toll can be equated to ten full Airbus A380s — the world’s largest plane with capacity of 544 passengers — crashing everyday for a year.

The US has recorded by far the highest total death toll in the world, followed by Brazil, India and Mexico. But the pandemic has reached every corner of the globe, and only a few tiny, isolated nations have reported no deaths.