Global coronavirus cases surpass the 50 million milestone

The total number of coronavirus cases have surpassed the 50 million mark worldwide. The infection has killed more than 1.26 million people according to worldometer.

The numbers are thought to be higher because of insufficient testing in many countries.

A second wave of the virus has accounted for a quarter of all cases. Europe, with more than 12.5 million cases and 305,700 deaths, is again a hotspot after being the first epicentre of the pandemic earlier this year.

In the US just under 10 million have tested positive. It has seen more than 125,000 cases per day three days in a row. The states of North and South Dakota have the highest rates of death per capita.

India is the second most affected nation in terms of the number of infections, and third in terms of the death toll. The number of new daily infections has been falling in the country since mid-September, when it reached a peak of over 90,000 cases in a day.

Meanwhile, much of Europe had announced fresh restrictions to help curb the growing spike in infections.