Georgia teacher runs more than 50 miles to visit each student outside their homes

A Georgia teacher who says he misses his students after not seeing them for nearly two months is now in the process of running more than 50 miles to visit them outside their homes.

Bill McAllister, a faculty member at Big Shanty Intermediate School in Kennesaw, last taught class on March 16 before the coronavirus outbreak brought an early end to in-person learning in his district this academic year. He since has mapped out a route and is running six to eight miles per day to offer encouragement to each of his students.

“I knew my kids were at home and they were missing school and everybody else and I thought well why don’t I run through their neighborhoods and see them, give them a smile, pick up their day a little bit,” McAllister told Fox 5 Atlanta.

McAllister says he is donating money for each mile he runs to MUST Ministries, a local volunteer group that helps those in need with meals, clothing, housing, and other items.

“I have been thinking about all of you and worrying about all of you. And getting to see you makes me a little bit calmer and a whole lot more happy,” McAllister was observed telling one of his students – Mia Strickland — during a run. “You have a great summer and we will see you in fifth grade.”

Strickland later told Fox 5 Atlanta her teacher’s visit was “pretty awesome,” as “just the other day I was thinking about him.”

For those who are not home, McAllister leaves notes on their mailboxes.

“Sorry I missed you, hope you are doing well,” one of the notes read.