Georgia restaurant calls police after dinner party refuse to pay their $2,200 check

A restaurant in Georgia called the police on a dinner party of around 50 people celebrating a woman’s 30th birthday after they refused to pay their $2,200 check.

Quandresha Brinkley celebrated her birthday at the Louisiana Bistreaux Seafood Kitchen in East Point, Georgia, on March 10.

Brinkley’s sister Key speaking to media said they had taken a reservation beforehand and discussed about the payment as well since she wanted everyone to pay for their own food.

‘She said to have less credits cards but make sure people have cash,’ Key said Brinkley was told by the manager at the eatery.

Video shared on social media showed a group talking to a manager at the restaurant in presence of police. The manager was heard explaining that she was able to take drinks off the bill but not able to split it.

Key also said the staff at the restaurant really didn’t do their best to accommodate the party. While the dinner was supposed to start at around 6pm, food hadn’t even gotten to the group by the time Key had arrived at close to 8pm, she claimed.

‘Most people were complaining, nobody had food.’

In a statement for the restaurant Wendy Smith said: ‘While the incident on March 10th is unfortunate, reservations were made for 25 people and per our contractual agreement one bill would be presented to the host, 52 guests showed.

‘Our policy is advance payment and attendance guarantee for large parties, however, our staff did their best to create a seamless experience for the additional 27 unexpected guests.

‘The police were called only when some of the unexpected guests refused to pay.’

Key admitted that there were extra people who attended the gathering. A lot of the older attendees didn’t have Cash App, so they needed to use cash. Since there were no ATMs in the restaurant, Key said guests were forced to walk to a nearby hotel in order to withdraw cash to pay.

It was then that several people chose to ditch the party and not pay for their food at all. The bill was finally paid by Brinkley when the restaurant called on the cops.