Gene Scientist Goes Missing In China

The scientist who claimed to have engineered the world’s first genetically modified human babies goes missing in China. He Jiankui, the brain behind the project was last seen at a summit in Hong Kong.

The scientists disappearances comes after China ordered an investigation into his research. The medical institutions of the world were divided after He presented his findings to the world.

Chinese government has also condemned the work and shut down his research. The government claims He’s experiment crossed all lines of morality and ethics.

No evidence exists to support the suggestion that He is being detained by the Chinese government. However the Chinese government are very strict with its people who cross any boundaries.

Fan Bingbing Disappearance

The Chinese government has a habit of making people disappear for extended periods of time. A Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, went missing in July this year. Fan issued a statement in October, claiming that she was formally charged with tax evasion and other offenses.

Fan was ordered to pay 884 million yuan ($127 million) to avoid criminal prosecution. She still has to make a public appearance after the detention.

Missing Interpol chief Meng Hongwei

The President of the interpol Meng Hongwei, a Chinese citizen, went missing after he took a flight from France to his native village. Unconfirmed media reports suggest that Meng  was arrested on corruption and bribery charges when he arrived at Beijing airport.

The Interpol received a resignation letter nearly 20 days later, however Meng  hasn’t made any public appearance since September 2018. His wife and family feel that the Chinese communists government may have killed him in custody.

Several other Chinese personalities have disappeared in the past, and resurfaced. These people don’t give an explanation for their disappearances. The Chinese President Xi Jinping is running an anti-corruption drive and using it as means to sideline his opposition. The party detain and interrogate people outside the courts.

Human-rights groups have protested against the thug like behavior of the communist party.