Gamer having seizure saved by online friend 5,000 miles away

A teenage gamer in Widnes who had a seizure in his room unbeknownst to his parents was saved when his friend called the police from 5,000 miles away in Texas.

Aidan Jackson, 17, told Sky News he had “felt a little funny” and so turned his microphone to his bed where he planned to lie down – but he had a seizure.

Dia Lethora, 20, an online gamer friend of Aidan’s from Texas, realised what was happening and got in contact with the emergency services.

“Hi, I’m calling from the US, I’m currently in a call with my friend. He had a seizure and he is not responding anymore.

“I do have his address and he lives in Widnes, Cheshire,” Ms Lethora said, before apologising: “I’m sorry, I’m shaking.”

While police and ambulance were dispatched, Aidan’s parents were downstairs unaware of what was happening.

“The first we knew of it, two police cars arrived out front,” said Aidan’s mother Caroline Jackson. “We had a look thinking they were going elsewhere and then they started to run up our path.”

The officers told Ms Jackson that they had received reports of an unresponsive male at the residence.

She responded that nobody at the address had made any calls, but the officers assured her the call about a possible seizure came from America.

They rushed upstairs to find Aidan, who only recalled going to lie down on his bed: “The next thing I knew I was waking up with police and parents in my room saying I had a seizure.”

He added that when he was in hospital he used his mother’s tablet to thank Ms Lethora “at least maybe five, 10 times for it – I thank her every time I see her”.

Aidan had previously experienced a seizure in May 2019, and the 17-year-old is awaiting a new appointment after the most recent incident.