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Game Of Thrones series ended controversially and disappointingly

The Game of Thrones Finale was aired on HBO on Sunday night for Western nations and early Monday Morning for Eastern countries. For an instant recap, the previous episode, episode 5 saw the rise of the Mad Queen, who burns down an entire city to ash with her dragon. Her drastic change from a good person to an evil witch put fans in a tizzy, where some called for the writers to be sacked and started petitions to a remake the entire final season.


While the final episode starts with Tyrion wandering through the remains of the citadel, surveying the wreckage, and the charred bodies. He finds the remains of his brother Jamie and sister Cersei and begins to weeping. Well, this was unexpected of him!!!

While Danny on the other side addressing soldiers tells them that her “liberating” mission was not yet over. She goes on to arrest Tyrion for treason for rescuing Jamie.

Now when all expected Danny to express remorse and pain for the destruction she committed, she didn’t hence Jon Snow stabs her through the heart. The scene gets more emotional and human as Drogon screams, burning down the iron throne. He later flies off with her body.

Then a committee of the lords of Westeros meet to discuss the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. In the meet Tyron who was handcuffed pitches for Bran to be made king because of his “story”. He recalls Bran’s achievements even though he was crippled. Unanimously he was elected King after a vote, however his sister Sansa puts forth a condition that the North be made a separate Kingdom.

Sansa Queen’ed of the North and Jon Snow was packed of to the Night’s watch for killing Daenery, literally saving him a death sentence. The final scene shows the Starks departing their ways in it’s fine tuned Game of Thrones music, literally ending the season controversially and disappointingly.

The makers are working on Games of Thrones prequel which may hit screens in a year or two. However with the poor ending on this storyline fans might be reluctant to watch the prequel.