Game Of Thrones Makers Upset Fans With New Twist “The Mad Queen” – GOTS8E4

Game Of Thrones is known for its heart wrenching death scenes, but the latest episode totally ended people and a dragon without any drama. The makers of the Game of Thrones decided to kill a dragon, Rhaegal out of no where.

Euron Greyjoy’s ship mounted crossbow shooter, punched several crossbows drowning the poor giant in the waters.

Well, if you think that was the only thing taken away from Dany, your wrong. What’s more upsetting was along with Rhaegal, Missandei went down too. Missandei was captured and then executed by the Mountain while Grey Worm and a devastated Dany just watched.

Daenerys lost two of her valuable players, first Ser Jorah Mormont and now Missandei. This surely makes her the mad Queen, but it’ll be interesting to see how she’d react from here on.

Below are a few fan reactions:-

This wasn’t all. Jon Snow was forced to reveal his true identity to his sisters, Sansa and Arya Stark. He first made them swear and then Bran revealed it all.

Later, when Tyrion comes to meet Sansa before leaving for Kings Landing, Sansa spills it all. This of course Varys gets to know from Littlefinger. Varys and Tyrion debate who between Jon and Dany would be the best for the seven kingdoms. Varys picks John, while Tyrion hopes Dany and John worked together.

Episode 4 summed up :-

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