Gabby Petito Case: Brian Laundrie’s father accompanies law enforcement to look for his fugitive son

Brian Laundrie’s father Chris Laundrie accompanied law enforcement into the Carlton Reserve for the first time this week to look for his fugitive son.

The Carlton Reserve, where Brian Laundrie's parents say he disappeared on September 13, is a massive 24,000-acre expanse in Sarasota County, Florida, with 80 miles of hiking trails.

Brian Laundrie has been on the run for several weeks since his fiancée, Gabby Petito, was declared missing and then found dead in Wyoming.

Local law enforcement spent weeks searching the reserve by land, sea and air, but the FBI took over the manhunt last week.

Now, instead of doing large sweeps of the area, the FBI is expected to likely target their search based on specific pieces of intelligence.

Brian Laundrie's father, Chris, went with members of law enforcement "into the Reserve to show them the trails and places Chris and Brian have hiked and which Brian was known to frequent," according to the family's attorney, Steven Bertolino.

"There were no discoveries but the effort was helpful to all," Bertolino said.

While law enforcement is still focused on the search in the Carlton Reserve, there have been numerous potential sightings of Laundrie in western North Carolina near the Appalachian Trail.

None of the sightings have been confirmed, but a hiker who thinks he saw Brian at the Tennessee-North Carolina state line near the Appalachian Trail on October 2 said met with the FBI and law enforcement is taking his case seriously.

Brian's sister called him a "mediocre survivalist" earlier this week, while his attorney said that he is just a "backpacker." A friend of both Brian and Gabby Petito said that Brian spent time on the Appalachian Trail in 2018.