Friendly cat found stuck inside of donated recliner

The workers at a Denver Arc Thrift Store found quite a surprise inside a donated recliner on New Year’s Eve.

Denver Animal Protection (DAP) was called to the store for a cat that was stuck inside of a donated recliner, according to Tammy Vigil with the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE).

A DAP officer arrived to the store and was able to get the “friendly” cat out without any issues, Vigil said.

The cat was scanned for a microchip but the officer could not get a hold of the owners, according to Vigil. The officer later got a call from the owners who had been frantically looking for the cat, Vigil said.

According to Vigil, the owners told the officer that they were in the process of moving and donated the recliner to the thrift store without realizing that their cat had climbed inside.

After making the donation the owners noticed their cat, Montequlla, was nowhere to be found in their nearly-empty house and went back to the thrift store where they were given the officer’s contact information, Vigil said.

The owners called the officer and were reunited with Montequlla shortly afterward, according to Vigil.