Fresh setback as rescue operations enter day 10 for Spanish toddler

The search for the 2 year old toddler who fell in borewell on the 13th of January faced fresh setback on tuesday.

Rescue workers finished digging the 60 meter shaft which is parallel to the well the boy was trapped in. Later they planned to manually dig a horizontal tunnel with the help of some skilled miners to reach the boy.

But the tubes that were designed to secure the shaft didn’t fit in, they wouldn’t go beyond 40 meters. The crew are now drilling to expand the hole. The officials didn’t give an exact time scale for this.

Once the shaft is secured with the tubes, miners will descend and dig through the four metres separating them from the well where the boy is stuck. This process could take well about 24 hours.

The boy fell a narrow shaft while he was playing in company of his parents in Totalan, Spain close to 10 days ago. There has been no contact with the boy since he fell the 100 meter well. Rescue crew have been working round the clock to get to the boy.

(The Pigeon Express Opinion- India has many abandoned borewell and close to a dozen kids have fallen in them while playing. Traditionally India followed similar process of digging parallel shafts and then a horizontal tunnel. These operations could take days, and could also go in vain.

One famous incident reported was of a 5 year old boy named Prince in 2006. The Indian Army rescued the boy in 48 hours by employing a similar operation what the Spanish team is currently doing.

In 2015 college kids in India developed a kit which was fitted with a high definition camera and oxygen meter which are first let into the borewell. The kit finds the exact position of the child then a cylinder is lowered into the borewell and robotic arms pick up the child, an air balloon inflates below the child, preventing it from falling further down. Then the cylinder lifts up the child.

This cool technology has helped in several rescue operations.)