Freebies Offered to Chinese Citizens to Boycott Apple

In a bid to show support to Huawei, Chinese companies in China have urged their staff to boycott Apple products and even threatened to punish those who don’t comply.

This comes after the fallout of Huawei Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wanzhou who was detained in a Canada airport. It’s no more a trade war between the United States and China, sanctions and losses don’t matter now as it is becoming a national pride for the Chinese citizens.

The Huawei company has deep roots in the Chinese economy and is widespread in China for information technology and food companies. The Chinese companies have started providing subsidy on Huawei products to their employees.

A brewery house in the Henan province of China offered free alcohol worth 30% the cost of any Huawei product for its own employees as well as its customers.

Huawei being a private company is closely aligned to the Chinese Government and the Communist Party.

Big business establishments in China offering incentives to people on purchase of Huawei products, this is a clear sign to American goods and its industries.

Certain companies in China have said that they will withhold bonuses of employees if they purchase Apple products.

The boycott isn’t just limited to Apple products, it’s slowly gaining momentum in other sectors as well. People have started boycotting American office equipment and cars.

In China boycott of companies is not new, in 2012 too South Korea Hyundai motors was boycotted over an island dispute between China and South Korea.

Meanwhile early this month Apple iPhones prior to the XS was banned in China after a Chinese Court ruled in favour of Qualcomm over a patent dispute.