France suspended three police officers for beating up black man in central Paris

France suspended three police officers after they were seen on video beating up a black music producer in central Paris.

The incident prompted a fresh outcry over the conduct of French security forces.

Security camera video showed  three officers kicking, punching and using their truncheons on the man after he entered his studio.

The man, Michel, was also subjected to racist abuse during the five minute beating.

He was detained and charged with violence and resisting arrest, but prosecutors threw the charges out and instead opened an investigation against the officers.

As he arrived at police headquarters  with his lawyer to file a complaint, Michel told reporters: “People who should have been protecting me attacked me. I did nothing to deserve this. I just want these three people to be punished according to the law.”

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said she was “profoundly shocked” by the “intolerable act”.

Earlier this week, Paris police were accused of using unnecessary force as they dismantled a makeshift migrant camp.

The incidents come as the government tries to bring in laws banning the broadcast of police officers’ faces.

Critics of the legislation say that without such images, none of the incidents which took place over the past week would have come to light.

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French football star Kylian Mbappe, who is black, joined national teammates and fellow athletes in condemning the latest incident.