France: 500 firefighters battle wildfires that already destroyed 900 hectares of pine forests

A fire broke out on Wednesday afternoon in Aude, southeast of the city of Carcassonne, in forests that were classified as having a “severe” risk of fire because of a recent drought. This falls in the Southern France region.

Close to 900 hectares of pine forests and vegetation were destroyed in rocky mountains terrains.

The mega wildfires are still raging and does not seem to get under any control. On the positives, at the moment the fire does not threaten homes and also no casualties were reported.

About 510 firefighters struggled all night trying to fight the blaze.

Firefighters are waiting for the arrival of a civil security helicopter to assess the extent of the damage and a water bomber to reinforce the means on the ground that can not access the areas difficult to access.

Christian Lacube, Deputy Mayor said: “The firefighters prevented the flames from reaching the houses but all the vegetation was destroyed around them, the houses were preserved, we had to evacuate horses and donkeys.”

Twenty-two people were evacuated as a security measure.

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