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Four Year Boy Shoots Pregnant Mother Watching TV

A four-year- old boy accidently shot his pregnant mother after he found a loaded gun at his home in Seattle.

The boys parents were sitting on a bed watching the television when the boy walked in, found a handgun and shot his mother right in the face. The weapon was placed in between the bed box and the spring mattress.

The mother was rushed to a hospital with bullet wounds is said to be in a stable condition now.

The boy’s father was under investigation for not securing the gun he obtained from his friend.

The incident falls right after when Washington approved a law to criminally punish people for not securing guns. The law also proposed to make the legal age 21 to own guns.

Accidental shooting involving children is the leading cause for such incidents. Gun control activists have been pushing for stricter laws like US$ 1000 fines if people are unable to safely store their firearms.

(The Pigeon Express– Buying a gun in the United States is as easy as buying candy elsewhere.  Owning a gun is constitutionally legal, it has no restrictions, paperwork or licencing. 

Since the gun culture is so prevalent and imbibed in the roots of Americans it’ll be uneasy if you impose restrictions suddenly. It’s late, but good that the process to impose gun control laws started. However we are still far-far way from making more rigid.)