Four men eat 30 kilogram of oranges to avoid paying extra baggage fee at airport

Four men who did not want to pay extra baggage fee at the airport decided to eat 30 kilogram of oranges all by themselves.

The incident occurred at an airport in Kunming, Southwest China’s Yunnan Province.

The four travellers in question ate the oranges inside the airport in a record 30 minutes but at a heavy price, mouth ulcers.

The four men suffered from mouth ulcers after eating so many citrus fruits in one go. Post this ordeal, they were rightly left feeling like never eating oranges again.

The men bought a box of oranges weighing 30 kilograms worth 50 yuan during their business trip to Kunming. During their purchase, they did not realise that the airlines would ask them to shell out extra money as shipping charges for the oranges.

Not willing to pay 10 yuan for each kilogram in shipping fees, the four colleagues reached a census to eat the fruits there and then.

This is not new. In a similar incident earlier, a woman faked pregnancy to avoid extra baggage fee at an Australian airport. She created a fake baby bump that contained extra clothes and a laptop charger that he couldn’t fit in her travel bag.