Four days and a scaffolding to rescue the cat stuck on 40-foot tree

Officials in Wales took almost four days and almost the whole town to save a pet feline from a 40-foot tree.

The female cat named ‘Cookie’, thought to be missing, was spotted by resident Leanne Skinner over the weekend on Saturday.

Leanne heard the cat’s loud and pitiful cries while she was out on a walk with some friends.

According to Leanne, she immediately dialled the local Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSCPA) who initially said they wouldn’t attend to it in the first 24 hours as most animals stuck up in trees find their way down in that period.

The South Wales Fire Service was pressed into service, however initial rescue efforts by the personnel proved fruitless and soon help was sought from the locals. The cat had become the talk of the town since Leanne posted about the cat on Facebook and received an overwhelming response.

People from surrounding areas started to reach out to Leanne to help in every possible way to rescue the cat. Cherry pickers and tree surgeons including locals did everything to coax the cat with bits of treats but didn’t succeed in rescuing the cat.

Help finally arrived in the form of a local company which put up a four-storey high temporary scaffolding to rescue the cat. After a couple of initial attempts, they could finally manage to rescue the cat.