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Four cats and a snake captured on camera fighting

Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh shared a video of four cats surrounding a snake on Instagram.

In the shocking video, the cats eye the reptile curiously, with one even going so far as to take a swipe at it. Neil Nitin Mukesh said that the unusual video was captured when he arrived for the shoot of his upcoming film, ‘Bypass Road’.

In the video the snake prepares to strike back after the cat-attack as curious onlookers, including Neil Nitin Mukesh record the action. The young snake decided against fighting further and slithers into surrounding greenery.

Later, Neil  confirmed that wildlife officials were called to rescue the snake.

Some users in the comment section of the video were worried for the cats well-being, while others poked fun.

“Was catching my breath, thought it was gonna hurt one of the kitties,” a user wrote. Another user wrote, “Poor little snake got very scared”.

Source : Various