FOUL play suspected in the deaths of soldiers at world’s largest military complexes in North Carolina

Authorities are investigating the possible angle of foul play in the death of a soldier and a veteran at a US army base.

The lifeless bodies of Master Sergeant William J. Lavigne II and Timothy Duma were discovered at Fort Bragg army base in North Carolina on Wednesday.

Officials said their deaths were not related to official training.

Fort Bragg is one of the world’s largest military complexes, housing about 57,000 active-duty personnel.

The US Army Special Operations Command said Lavigne, 37, did multiple tours of Afghanistan and Iraq and spent 19 years with the army.

Dumas, 44, served from November 1996 to March 2016, an army spokesperson at the Pentagon told military publication Stars and Stripes.

Their bodies were found in a training area of the base. An army official told US media that no weapon had been found at the scene.

However shell casings were found on the ground, CBS reported.

A defence official told the news outlet that both of the men had been under investigation for using and selling drugs.

The US Army Criminal Investigation Command is investigating the pair’s death.

It comes as investigators continue to look into the death of army paratrooper Enrique Roman-Martinez.

Roman-Martinez went missing during a camping trip with seven fellow soldiers from Fort Bragg in May. His partial remains washed ashore just days later.