Forty-thousand Gun Killings In 2017

Over 40,000 people were killed in gun related violence in the United States of America last year (2017). The data was published by the United States department for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is the highest tally in four decades.

About 109 people were killed each day in 2017 in gun related violence, this data combines suicides, homicides and shootings.

More than 60 mass shooting events occured in the States in 2017.

People who have easy access to guns and that are mentally disturbed their chances to commit suicide increases three times.

Off the 40,000 deaths that occurred, 60% were suicides.

Most of the gun related events occur in places where gun ownership is more prevalent. The state of Alaska has the most concentration of guns, close to 62% Alaskan people have access to guns.

Time and again the United States have discussed gun control, however the gun right supporters have strongly opposed against any kind of control.  The 2nd amendment of the constitution guarantees citizens to own firearms.

Firearm regulator supporters want the government to bring in gun control to prevent crimes and deaths. However, not much can do enough until a new law rewrites the usage of firearms.