Fortune tellers foresee Donald Trump as the 46th U.S. President

As the curtains fall on the US presidential elections 2020 on November 3, bets are running high on Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

President Donald Trump hopes of winning a second term, even though opinion polls suggest his chances are slim.

Now an Indian astrologer, Dr. Shankar Charan Tripathi is claiming that Trump is sure to win the second term. He cites star alignments and sun sign calculations to corroborate his claim.

“Shree Donald Trump having ascendant lion and placement of sun in 10th house along the dragon’s head that is rahu gives him upper hand to repeat second term as President of America because .. has exalted Jupiter to combine with sun,” the astrologer’s prediction reads.

His prediction says that Trump shall retain the office of the American president and will win by 4 lakh votes at least. But here is something, not so prophetic, about the prediction. The astrologer says that Trump will be “blamed” for managing and hacking the votes.

Earlier reports suggested that French astrologer Nostradamus, who is recognized as the one who could allegedly predict future events in his book ‘Les Propheties’ also sides Mr. Trump.

The lines from his book read:

"The false trumpet concealing madness,

Will cause Byzantium to change its laws.

From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants

The edict withdrawn, changing money and standards"

Interestingly, the reference to a ‘trumpet’ causing ‘Byzantium to change its laws’ is being taken as a cryptic message signifying Trump’s return to the Oval office.