‘Fortnite’ – Diwali theme

Imagine if ‘Fortnite’ had a Diwali theme?

It would’ve taken down the internet in India plus it would be great option to burst crackers virtually. Keeping court orders in mind and the environment.

The first thing that people like doing in Diwali is putting their best attire. In Fortnite lets find the most expensive skin. The Leviathan outfit priced at $20 dollars, is an expensive pick. Its too much purchase on a virtual you.

The next thing you’d like doing is build a fantastic house and decorate it. You’ll go tired collecting wood.

Decorating it is a task. Well you won’t get LED lights. In lush green ‘Wailing Wood’ you can drop remote bombs. They’d look stunning in the dim lights. Just like Diyas.

One reason why we celebrate Diwali is because Lord Ram reached Ayodhya after defeating the monster Ravan. Thanos looks like the Ravan in the Fortnite edition. Doesn’t he?

One great addition I’d like over the stink bomb is our very own snake tablets. Stinker than the stink bomb and leaves behind great artwork. Lighting tablets would be more fun!

The hydrogen a.k.a atom bomb and mirchi thread are like oxygen to Diwali. One loud and the other flashing light. I’d leave it to epic games to understand how to use them.

In conclusion having an Indian feel would create major excitement and since Fortinite is a Global platform it would be great to see how the world reacts to Indian culture and ways.