Florida man buys 20 billion ASS coins after missing Dogecoin rush

A 38-year-old unemployed man from Florida bought 20 billion Australian Safe Shepherd (ASS) coins with his $500 investment.

Eric Hackney, 38, a former bartender from Tampa and lost his job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After being unemployed, he started to play the financial markets on the Robinhood app instead of working for $9 an hour. He was also part of the GameStop craze earlier in February. Hackney invested in ASS coin after losing money on GameStop as well as Dogecoin.

According to Bloomberg, Hackney was looking out for new things on Robinhood apps in January when he noticed Dogecoin. He bought some Dogecoin at 4 cents and the price shot to 8 in a blink. He then doubled his money, however, he sold his Dogecoin due to the wild swings in its price.

More than three months later, Hackney again glanced at Robinhood and saw its price has surged to 70 cents earlier this month. He vowed to never miss out on such an opportunity and hence, he put $500 into ASS coin.

ASS Coin is one of those virtual currencies that have YOLO’d and FOMO’d their way from crypto in-jokes to soaring monuments in these strange financial times.