Floods in Bihar and Assam wreak havoc, 166 dead

Floods in the Indian states of Assam and Bihar continue to wreak havoc. The monsoon showers, have affected close to 11.1 million people and killing 166 until Sunday.

In the two eastern states, Assam the death toll climbed to 64, and in Bihar it stood at 102.

12 districts were hit in Bihar disrupting lives of 7.2 million people, while 3.8 million were affected in Assam’s 18 districts.

More than 27 deaths were reported in Sitamarhi, which was worst affected by the torrential rains. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar visited relief camps in Sitamarhi and Darbhanga districts.

In Assam, the flood waters have started to recede in five districts.

The death toll at the Kaziranga National Park stood at 141 as reported by ASDMA.

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