Flight turns back after tire explodes mid-air damaging wing

A Qantas Airways flight in Australia was forced to turn back after a tire on the plane exploded mid air shortly after takeoff because a nitrogen-filled tire exploded, damaging part of the wing.

The jet was forced to burn fuel and circle above Queensland’s eastern Sunshine Coast for an hour and a half before touching down back in Brisbane. All 76 passengers on board were safe.

Passengers told Seven News they heard a big bang, and that the pilot announced it was a tire explosion.

Airport crew on the ground confirmed the issue.

An operator on the runway reported seeing “rubber all down the left-hand side” and found “a large piece” of shredded tire.

All passengers were able to get on another plane to their destination later on Sunday. Qantas said it was not an emergency landing and that they are investigating the explosion.

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