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Flight attendant strikes passenger on the head with coffee pot for attempting to breach cockpit

One passenger received a blow on the head with a coffee pot by a flight attendant after he tried to open the emergency exit and cockpit doors in the middle of an American Airlines flight to Washington, DC.

The “erratic” passenger attempted to open the emergency exit door followed by the flight deck door a few hours into American Airlines flight 1775, an Airbus A321 from Los Angeles (LAX) to Washington National (DCA). Passengers and the crew rushed to subdue the man.

A flight attendant struck him in the head with a coffee pot, drawing blood, while passengers held him tight. The flight then diverted to Kansas City (MCI).

After the incident, the pilots began a rapid descent, which caused an additional scare in the cabin as many passengers were not aware of what was going on and felt the plane going into a “free fall.”

The captain justified the rapid descent and diversion over the PA system: “He’s trying to get into the cockpit …We’ve got four passengers now trying to contain this gentleman.”

In Kansas City, police boarded the aircraft and removed the disruptive passenger. The FBI is now investigating.