Flash Floods, Landslides Kill 50 In Indonesia

At least fifty people died in eastern Indonesia due to flash flooding and landslide. Close to sixty people were also injured said local news agencies.

Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency are working to bring normalcy to the towns affected. The worst affected region where 42 people were killed is Sentani area of the provincial capital, Jayapura. Jayapura’s small airport, that had a propeller plane parked was crushed on the runway.

Jayapura airport, propeller plane crushed in flash floods, Indonesia


Jayapura is located in Indonesia’s easternmost province, Papua, which borders Papua New Guinea. Seven people were killed in a landslide in Papua. Some regions in the Papua provinces received more than 17 inches or 450 millimeters of rainfall in the last three days.

The storm is expected to pick up speed and head away from land allowing for the floodwater to recede.

Search and rescue operations are underway. Authorities are finding it difficult to reach affected regions due to downed trees, damaged roads and debris blocking paths.

The area is still not fully searched, so authorities suggest that there could be more victims.

Rescue crew after the flash floods in Indonesia