Five year old boy calls 911 asking for McDonald’s delivery

A five year old boy surprised emergency services when he made a 911 call because he had craving for McDonalds.

The boy, Iziah Hall used a deactivated cell phone last Sunday to dial the only number he could, 911, connecting him to the emergency responder, Sara Kuberski. Sara on answering the call, Hall asked, “Can you bring me McDonald’s?”

Kuberski told Hall she couldn’t, but she reported the call to Wyoming police officer Dan Patterson. When Patterson heard the emergency he couldn’t stop laughing. The officer decided to respond to the call as a welfare check and since the officer was driving past a McDonald’s, so he picked up food for the child.

On reaching Hall’s home, Patterson received no answer when he knocked on the front door. So he moved to the side window, making contact with Hall.

Patterson told local media that Hall made gestures like, “My grandma’s gonna be so mad, can you please go away?”.

The officer waited until Hall’s grandmother could open the door, and then she used the experience to teach Hall about when it’s appropriate to call 911. She was surprised that Hall could make a call on a deactivated phone.

Old phones have a feature to either leave the option to let emergency calls or bar them. The phone that Hall picked up probably had the feature switched on hence he could make the call.

The cops receive many such calls from people in non-emergency situations. In Canada last year a nine year old girl made an emergency call when her parents made her clear her room. In another episode a lady from Austin Texas, called authorities to help a man dangling from a roof in her neighborhood. She later discovered the man was a mannequin and part of the house’s Christmas decorations.

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