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Fishes worth $1.41 million die due to lack of oxygen in Bangladesh

At least 617 metric ton of fish worth USD$ 1.41 million died in ponds and water bodies in Bangladesh’s Rajshahi due to lack of oxygen amid scorching heat.

“Around 617 metric tons of fish died in the district after the weather suddenly turned bad on Tuesday. The sky was covered with thick clouds and there was no wind which caused a lack of oxygen in the ponds and canals that caused the death of the fish,” Rajshahi District Fisheries Officer Alak Kumar said.

Authorities made sure that the dead fish were buried in the ground and not sold in the markets.

Ruhi Katla fish, which weighs around three to seven kilograms.

A lot of ponds had big fish for sale but due to corona traders were not selling them. Fish in ponds with much higher concentration and oxygen making machines didn’t die.