Fireball-like object falls from sky near railway station Ghaziabad

Fireball-like object which fell from the sky near the railway station, causing panic among the locals, has been primarily found to contain sodium.

According to fire brigade officials, they were informed about the meteorite-like substance on Wednesday by locals who had gathered near the spot in heavy rain upon hearing a loud bang that seemed like that of thunder.

Fire fighters said that even after dousing the flames, the object kept smouldering.

District Magistrate Ajay Shanker Pandey said following the unusual event, geologist S C Sharma and science co-coordinator Vivek were sent to the spot to examine the object.

In their report, it was stated that the material which fell from the sky seems to be sodium, as it gave rise to fumes when it came in contact of water. Samples of the material would be sent to a laboratory in Lucknow for further testing, Pandey said.

He also said that city magistrate have been designated to monitor the proceedings.