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Finland: Man blows up his Model S with a doll of Elon Musk sitting inside

A man from Finland has just blown up his Model S with a doll of Elon Musk sitting inside.

Tesla owner Tuomas Katainen decided to record himself blowing up his Tesla Model S, and while the internet always loves an entertaining explosion, Katainen’s goal was to protest his disgust with the quality of his car and the poor service provided by Tesla.

According to the video posted on YouTube, Katainen started experiencing a lot of issues with the car, and in the end, he was forced to tow the car to his nearest Tesla dealership, with the car flashing a number of error codes on the dashboard.

After waiting a month for feedback, Tesla told Katainen that it would have to replace the battery pack at a cost of $22,480.

Katainen’s eight-year-old Model S was long since out of warranty, which means the cost would fall squarely on him.

Instead of going ahead with the repairs, Katainen decided to take the only other logical route: to blow the Tesla up with 60 pounds of dynamite.

As a token of disgust towards Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a doll of his likeness was placed in the car before the fireworks got underway.

The explosion is highly effective, and very little of the Tesla Model S remains.

Tesla repair costs remain stubbornly high, and with the brand’s closed ecosystem, it is difficult for third-party companies to deliver more cost-effective repairs.