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Fight breaks out between Pakistan and Afghanistan fans at World Cup venue

A brawl broke out between Pakistan and Afghanistan fans outside Headingley Cricket Ground in Leeds after an aircraft was spotted flying in the area that unfurled a “Justice for Balochistan” banner in the sky.

Before the start of the match, a few fans were seen entering into the stadium by jumping the boundary wall.

ICC sources told news agency ANI that the “aircraft was an unauthorised” and said that Leeds air traffic will investigate the matter.

“A fight broke out between Pakistan and Afghanistan fans in Leeds after a plane was flown over the stadium which had Balochistan slogans. Apparently, it was an unauthorised plane that flew over the stadium and political messages were hung from the plane which were visible. Leeds air traffic will now investigate the matter,” the ICC source said.

Human rights activists from the World Baloch Organisation and the Baloch Republican Party continued their campaign to highlight the dire human rights situation in Pakistan. They even setup roadside billboards around the city of Birmingham with slogans “Help end enforced disappearances in Pakistan”.

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